Overcome Complexity with the
All-New ADMO 6.00 with InSight 3.00

ADMO 6.00 introduces two new key functionalities: ADMO Projects and ADMO Box. These new features help you to tackle the growing amount of data and complexity of workflows in large IED systems of substations.

Trust in one single source of truth always representing the current state of your system with ADMO Projects. It allows you to manage interrelated topologies, communication, and settings of IED networks in project files. The new feature continuously and precisely tracks and visualizes all changes to your projects. Therefore, it ensures availability and consistent organization of your data.

Cooperate with your contractors in an efficient and straightforward way thanks to ADMO Box. The new feature allows easy, secure, and time-saving outsourcing of asset management operations ensuring all data is in place.

Make optimized, data-driven planning and investment decisions with InSight 3.00 and its smart analysis capabilities. The new version of the powerful information cockpit comes with significantly boosted data management performance. It supports a bunch of new languages, customer-specified data, and notifies you via e-mail just in time. An improved firmware workflow, extended API, various user interface and experience enhancements, as well as support of Slovakian language complete the new release.

ADMO Projects

ADMO Projects: Your Benefits 

Stay up to date

Rely on a single source of truth always representing the current status of your system, its devices, and settings. ADMO Projects consistently tracks and visualizes all changes to your projects.

Work universally

ADMO Projects offers you the same universal project workflow for all different IED manufacturers.

Safeguard data integrity

A locking function ensures that only one user at a time applies changes to your projects. However, the files are still accessible for all users in read-only mode, even when working offline. The timeline lets you easily trace pending and completed project updates.


ADMO Box: Your Benefits 

Prepare all data in no time

Efficiently collect and bundle all relevant IED data for temporary sharing with third parties.

Easily exchange data 

Offer your service providers a self-contained box containing all relevant information. ADMO tracks the full history of all exchange procedures to ensure the current status of the operation is clear.

Speed up operations

Your service provider can start off with maintenance right away – no need for time-consuming preparation, no need for an ADMO installation or a license. After completion, the box with the documented work is automatically merged back into your ADMO database.


InSight 3.00: Full Data Performance





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