September 24, 2020
(14:00 - 15:30 UTC +02:00)
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Germany (Erlangen)
Webinar (Online)
Primary Test Manager (PTM), FRANEO 800

Insights in SFRA theory, testing and analyzing with FRANEO 800

September 24, 2020
(14:00 - 15:30 UTC +02:00)
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Germany (Erlangen)
Webinar (Online)
Primary Test Manager (PTM), FRANEO 800


Interested in how reliable SFRA measurements on a power transformer works? This webinar will give you an insight into the evaluation of SFRA curves based on case studies and theory. You will get a glimpse how easy and reliable the connection technique is, how the interaction of pc software and smartphone app works.


  • Learn how SFRA measurement works and how the design of the power transformer influences the SFRA curve
  • Learn how to perform reliable SFRA measurements on transformers with the FRANEO 800
  • Become familiar with the test environment and learn how to take advantage of the PTMate App


  • Get an insight into SFRA theory and an overview of the parameters that influence the curve in the different regions
  • Prepare and perform SFRA measurements on power transformers
  • Avoid potential measurement errors by using the innovative connection technology
  • Recognize winding deformations by means of comparison and analysis functions
  • Learn to understand and analyse different case studies by the previously learned tools


2 p.m. (90 min), UTC + 2


This webinar is hosted by our Training Center Klaus, Austria
at 2 p.m. CEST – Central European Summer Time (UTC + 2:00)



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Technical staff from electric utilities or companies involved in diagnosis, service and maintenance of power transformers


Knowledge of electrical engineering


Primary Test Manager (PTM)

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