OMICRON Academy Online
Webinar (Recorded)
CIBANO 500, Primary Test Manager (PTM)

Time-optimized circuit breaker diagnostics with CIBANO 500 Part 4: MV GIS breaker testing using CIBANO 500 and Primary Test Manager™ (PTM)

OMICRON Academy Online
Webinar (Recorded)
CIBANO 500, Primary Test Manager (PTM)


Get to know the CIBANO 500 and the measurement principles for circuit breakers. Learn how to perform efficient circuit breaker tests in hands-on and theoretical sessions. Simplify your tests with the PTM (Primary Test Manager).
Become familiar with testing MV GIS circuit breakers using CIBANO 500 and PTM.


  • Awareness for safety during circuit breaker testing
  • Learning to set up and perform Timing, Motor current on a MV GIS circuit breaker


  • Safety during circuit breaker testing
  • Challenges in testing MV GIS with conventional testing methods
  • How to connect CIBANO 500 
  • How to set up PTM for Timing, Motor current
  • Practical example and results


42 min


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Technical staff from utilities, industries and service companies responsible for circuit breaker testing


Basic knowledge circuit breaker testing


  • CIBANO 500
  • Primary Test Manager™ (PTM)

„Theoretical and practical units came one after another so that the things learned could be applied immediately.“

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