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Webinario (grabado)

Cybersecurity in Substations – StationGuard Live in Action

OMICRON Academy Online
Webinario (grabado)


In this webinar, we will show a live simulation of cyber attacks and communication errors on the station bus and it will be shown how the Intrusion Detection System (IDS) StationGuard can detect these threats and malfunctions.
First, the operating principle of StationGuard will be explained and it will be shown why this system has been tailor-made for substations. Subsequently, StationGuard is configured and demonstrated for a substation.
After this webinar you will know how IDS can increase the security of your substations.


  • Understand why IDS can make an important contribution to substation security
  • Learning which properties of IDS are important in substations
  • Understanding the StationGuard operating principle
  • Getting to know how StationGuard is configured and used in a substation


  • What makes an IDS suitable for use in substations?
  • How does StationGuard detect threats in the network?
  • How do I configure StationGuard in a substation? (live demonstration)
  • Simulation of cyber attacks and malfunctions on the station bus (live demonstration)
  • Will an IDS interfere with my testing in the plant? (live demonstration)


55 min


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Protection, and SCADA engineers and security officers in utilities

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Basic knowledge about protection and SCADA systems


StationGuard, the Intrusion Detection System tailor-made for IEC 61850 substations

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