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13 de marzo de 2023

A Live and Virtual Playground for Electrical Power Engineers

with Friedrich Almer, Bernhard Engstler & Julia Schneider

Episode 51 - Energy Talks

23 de febrero de 2023

Monitoring Partial Discharge – On a Permanent Basis

with Bogdan Gorgan & Patrick Zander

Episode 50 - Energy Talks

9 de febrero de 2023

Protection Testing Online Series – Essential Tips for Daily Work

with Eugenio Carvalheira & Parisa Jalalipour

Episode 49 - Energy Talks

3 de febrero de 2023

Industry 4.0 and Its Impact on the Power Industry

with Mateus Nicoladelli de Oliveira & Guilherme Penariol

Episode 48 - Energy Talks

13 de enero de 2023

Circuit Breaker Testing Around the World 2 | Europe

with Bastian Wölke & Stefan Achberger as our host

Episode 47 - Energy Talks

21 de diciembre de 2022

Circuit Breaker Testing Around the World 1 | North America

with Charles Sweetser & Stefan Achberger as our host

Episode 46 - Energy Talks

7 de diciembre de 2022

Solving Power System Testing Challenges – in the Middle East

with Mohamed Ali, Fadi Zatari & Ahmed Abdelwahab

Episode 45 - Energy Talks

16 de noviembre de 2022

Vulnerability Management in Substations and Power Plants

with Andreas Klien

Episode 44 - Energy Talks

10 de noviembre de 2022

In the Shoes of Field Engineers | Onsite Power Transformer Commissioning

with Marcus Stenner

Episode 43 - Energy Talks

19 de octubre de 2022

Digital Transformation in the Power Industry 5 | Pattern Recognition

with David Gopp

Episode 42 - Energy Talks

Digital Transformation Series | Part 5

10 de octubre de 2022

Automated Testing of Intelligent Secondary Distribution Substations

with Florian Fink

Episode 41 - Energy Talks

22 de septiembre de 2022

CIGRE 2022 Impressions ǀ Part 2

with Aby-Gael Meyet, Iris Fischer and lots of experts in the industry

Episode 40 - Energy Talks

13 de septiembre de 2022

CIGRE 2022 Impressions ǀ Part 1 with Philippe Adam

with Philippe Adam, Secretary General CIGRE

Episode 39 - Energy Talks

23 de agosto de 2022

Monitoring Partial Discharge – On a Temporary Basis

with Bogdan Gorgan & Patrick Zander

Episode 38 - Energy Talks

27 de julio de 2022

Predicting Weather Conditions to Mitigate the Risk of Wildfires

with Renny Vandewege & Denton McGregor

Episode 37 - Energy Talks

12 de julio de 2022

A New Protection Testing Approach for Greater Accuracy and Efficiency

with Michael Albert

Episode 36 - Energy Talks

30 de junio de 2022

The Fight for Technical Talent in the Power Industry

with Cordula Böhmer & Ruben Fuentes

Episode 35 - Energy Talks

29 de junio de 2022

How to Test Voltage Transformers Like a Pro

with Thomas Bischof & Felix Feustel

Episode 34 - Energy Talks

30 de mayo de 2022

Digital Transformation in the Power Industry 4 | Data Validation

with David Gopp & Lukas Klingenschmid

Episode 33 - Energy Talks

Digital Transformation Series | Part 4

13 de mayo de 2022

In the Shoes of Field Engineers | Testing Instrument Transformers

with Marcus Stenner

Episode 32 - Energy Talks

27 de abril de 2022

Digital Transformation in the Power Industry 3 | Cybersecurity

with Thomas Friedel & Eugenio Carvalheira

Episode 31 - Energy Talks

Digital Transformation Series | Part 3

13 de abril de 2022

Preventing Disaster: Wildfire Mitigation at Electric Utilities

with Robert Wang & Justin Henson

Episode 30 - Energy Talks

30 de marzo de 2022

It’s Quieter Up Here – Partial Discharge Testing in the UHF Range

with Ulrike Broniecki

Episode 29 - Energy Talks

24 de marzo de 2022

Digital Transformation in the Power Industry 2 | Challenges

with Juan Carlos Sánchez & Lukas Klingenschmid

Episode 28 - Energy Talks

Digital Transformation Series | Part 2

21 de marzo de 2022

Take Protection Testing to the Next Level

with Till Welfonder

Episode 27 - Energy Talks

10 de marzo de 2022

Vibro-Acoustic Measurements – A New Way to Diagnose Transformer OLTCs

with Dr. Karsten Viereck & Christoph Engelen

Episode 26 - Energy Talks

18 de febrero de 2022

Digital Transformation in the Power Industry 1 | Introduction

with Juan Carlos Sánchez & Martin Pfanner

Episode 25 - Energy Talks

Digital Transformation Series | Part 1

3 de febrero de 2022

Diagnostic Testing of Rotating Electrical Machines on Cruise Ships

with Fabian Öttl & Patrick Zander

Episode 24 - Energy Talks

28 de enero de 2022

Ensuring the Accuracy of Current Transformers for Reliable Energy Metering

with Roland Bürger & Felix Feustel

Episode 23 - Energy Talks

4 de enero de 2022

Partial Discharge Testing on Cast-Resin Transformers in Wind Parks

with Dr. Alex Kraetge & Christoph Engelen

Episode 22 - Energy Talks

16 de diciembre de 2021

Power Line Testing in Quickly Expanding Power Grids

with Gustav Lundqvist

Episode 21 - Energy Talks

3 de diciembre de 2021

Centralized Data Management – Achieving a Single Source of Truth

with Stefan Schöner & Will Scheibe

Episode 20 - Energy Talks

17 de noviembre de 2021

Earthing/Grounding System Testing – Eliminating Harmful Electrical Shocks

with Josef Schmidbauer

Episode 19 - Energy Talks

29 de octubre de 2021

Ensuring the Reliability of Substation Automation Systems

with Thomas Schossig

Episode 18 - Energy Talks

5 de octubre de 2021

Helpful Tips for Medium-Voltage Circuit Breaker Testing

with Florian Fink

Episode 17 - Energy Talks

22 de septiembre de 2021

Improving the Quality of Power System Testing Data

with Martin Pfanner

Episode 16 - Energy Talks

1 de septiembre de 2021

AC/DC – Partial Discharge Testing Rocks!

with Ulrike Broniecki & Bogdan Gorgan

Episode 15 - Energy Talks

25 de agosto de 2021

Mastering the Challenges of a Changing Power Grid – Today and Tomorrow

with Florian Fink

Episode 14 - Energy Talks

28 de julio de 2021

Protection Testing – Settings-Based vs. System-Based Approaches

with Cord Mempel and Christopher Pritchard

Episode 13 - Energy Talks

7 de julio de 2021

Essential for Substations – Cybersecurity!

with Thomas Friedel

Episode 12 - Energy Talks

21 de junio de 2021

A Passion for Protection Testing

with Saravanan Balamurugan

Episode 11 - Energy Talks

8 de junio de 2021

Safety First at OMICRON

with David Gopp and Lia Thum

Episode 10 - Energy Talks

26 de mayo de 2021

Primary Test Manager – Top Efficiency for Electrical Testing

with Martin Pfanner

Episode 9 - Energy Talks

6 de mayo de 2021

OMICRON Calibrations – Ensuring the Most Precise Measurement Results

with Dietmar Gehrmann

Episode 8 - Energy Talks

23 de abril de 2021

Onsite Partial Discharge Testing on Power Transformers

with Michael Krüger and Udo Ranninger

Episode 7 - Energy Talks

12 de marzo de 2021

OMICRON Diagnostic Forum - A Tradition of Sharing Knowledge

with Verena Rein and Tobias Schmutzhard

Episode 6 - Energy Talks

7 de marzo de 2021

Applied Magic - OMICRON's Portable 70 kV High-Voltage Power Source

with Andreas Nenning and Lukas Klingenschmid

Episode 5 - Energy Talks

4 de marzo de 2021

OMICRON Academy Goes Online

with Oliver Janke

Episode 4 - Energy Talks

3 de marzo de 2021

OMICRON Is Not a Company - It's a Lifestyle

with Gustav Lundqvist

Episode 3 - Energy Talks

1 de febrero de 2021

Essential Rotating Machine Testing

with Fabian Öttl

Episode 2 - Energy Talks

11 de enero de 2021

Partial Discharge Testing vs. Monitoring

with Samuel Scheller and Patrick Zander

Episode 1 - Energy Talks

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