Safety First at OMICRON

How to reduce the risk of serious accidents during high-voltage electrical testing.

Even though safety awareness has increased over the years, serious accidents can still occur. How can you prevent them?

In this episode, David Gopp, electrical testing safety expert at OMICRON, discusses how to ensure safe electrical testing on high-voltage equipment and describes what OMICRON does to ensure safe electrical testing practices when using its diagnostic equipment.

In addition, safety communications expert Lia Thum, explains how OMICRON communicates about the importance of electrical testing safety and recommended procedures to users of its equipment.

Electrical testing safety is a priority at OMICRON and is built in to each and every one of our diagnostic solutions.

Find out more about testing safety at OMICRON here:


Testing devices with built-in safety features minimize the risk of accidents.”

- David Gopp, Electrical Testing Safety Expert


We make customers aware about safe testing procedures from the start.

- Lia Thum, Safety Communications Expert

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