Diagnostic Testing of Rotating Electrical Machines on Cruise Ships

Assessing the insulation condition of generators and motors to ensure reliability on the high seas.

Just as on land, rotating electrical machines used to generate electrical power for lighting, critical equipment and communications systems on cruise ships and other large vessels are subject to various mechanical, electrical and environmental forces that can affect their condition.

To keep motors and generators reliably operating on the high seas, certain electrical diagnostic tests are recommended on a regular basis to assess the condition of the electrical insulation, to detect potential failure-causing defects and to plan equipment maintenance and even replacement accordingly.

In this episode of Energy Talks, Fabian Öttl, our expert for diagnostic testing on rotating electrical machines, and Patrick Zander, one of our experts for PD testing and monitoring, discuss which tests should be performed and highlight the testing challenges on ships as well as the types of measurement equipment that help make diagnostic testing easier in small, limited spaces and noisy environments.

More information about offline diagnostic testing on rotating electrical machines can be found on the following page:

Offline Testing on Rotating Electrical Machines


“Testing is performed during planned maintenance intervals when the ship is in the harbor.”

- Fabian Öttl, Rotating Machine Testing Expert, OMICRON


“Accessibility, confined spaces and noise can make testing a challenge.”

- Patrick Zander, PD Testing & Monitoring Expert, OMICRON

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