Checking the Health of Motors and Generators

Recommended diagnostic tests for assessing rotating machine condition

Rotating electrical machines are critical for power generation and running critical processes in industrial applications. However, reliable performance can be compromised over time due to the thermal, electrical, ambient and mechanical stresses motors and generators are continuously subjected to when in operation.

In this episode, we speak with David Hassmann, a project engineer at Baumüller Services which is based in Nuremberg, Germany. His company specializes in the routine inspection, maintenance, repair and reconditioning of electrical motors and generators for its global customers in the power and industry sectors.

David talks about what causes motors and generators to fail and describes the offline and online diagnostic tests that he and his team perform on machines, especially partial discharge testing, in order to make reliable assessments about machine condition. David also describes the types of measurement equipment he and his team use to perform the diagnostic testing on machines, and how long the testing takes to perform. Lastly, David offers his tips for machine testing based on his many years of experience.

Learn more about rotating machine testing here:

Testing on Rotating Electrical Machines

Also, you can see David Hassmann from Baumüller Services in our video Partial Discharge Testing on Rotating Electrical Machines.


“You need to look at the results of all your tests and inspections so that you can make a reliable assessment about machine condition.”

-David Hassmann, Project Engineer, Baumüller Services

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