At a Turning Point - The Transition to Digital Substations in the Power Grid

Learn how engineering services and innovative solutions drive the transition to digital substations.

The list of advantages of switching from traditional to digital substations is long. For this reason, we have recently seen a rapid growth of digital substations in the power system. At the same time, clear trends are emerging in digital substation implementation projects. Engineering services and innovative solutions play a crucial role in driving this development.

What are the challenges of rolling out digital substations versus traditional substations? And how and in which projects is OMICRON helping to overcome these challenges?

Diego Gasca, Digital Substation Expert at OMICRON, gives us an insight into some outstanding implementation projects. He will provide details on engineering design, testing and commissioning, and operation and maintenance. In this context, he will examine exciting use cases, real-world problems, and their concrete solutions.

Learn more about the transition to digital substations: 

Transition to Digital Substations

Here you will find an overview of the applications OMICRON can support you with.


“Bits and bytes may seem invisible, but digital substations have a lot of data available for you to see.

- Diego Gasca, Digital Substation Expert, OMICRON

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