Partial Discharge Monitoring on Gas-Insulated Switchgear and Lines

Learn about the importance of monitoring PD activity in GIS and GIL for reliable risk assessment.

Partial discharge (PD) activity in Gas-Insulated Switchgear (GIS) and Gas-Insulated Lines (GIL) is a reliable indicator that a fault is developing in the insulation, and immediate action is needed to prevent a potential catastrophic failure.

Since PD accelerates the aging and deterioration of insulation in GIS and GIL, the continuous online monitoring, trending, and diagnosis of PD activity play a critical role in assessing the insulation condition and the risk of failure throughout the equipment’s lifetime.

In this episode, OMICRON PD expert Caspar Steineke discusses what causes PD activity in GIS and GIL and when PD monitoring is best applied to closely observe its development.

Caspar also explains how PARADIMO 100, the latest scalable PD monitoring solution for GIS and GIL from OMICRON, enables highly reliable risk assessment through defect classification and alerts users when to take action to prevent a failure. Lastly, Caspar describes how PD monitoring gives users greater peace of mind about the insulation condition of their GIS and GIL.

Learn more about PD monitoring on GIS/GIL:

Online Partial Discharge Monitoring of GIS

Listen to Caspar Steineke talk about The Essentials of Partial Discharge Testing in Energy Talks Episode 72.


“Continuous PD monitoring on GIS and GIL is all about leaving something in place that always collects data, looks at PD patterns, and notifies you when something of concern happens.”

- Caspar Steineke, Partial Discharge Expert, OMICRON


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