9 de mayo de 2019
Estados Unidos (Houston)
CT Analyzer

Current Transformer Testing and Analysis

9 de mayo de 2019
Estados Unidos (Houston)
CT Analyzer


Learn how to use the CT Analyzer effectively to test and analyze current transformers.  This course will also provide you with an understanding of the standards that apply to CT and see how the test results relates to the CT class and ratings.


  • Performing testing of current transformers using the CT Analyzer 
  • Evaluating test results
  • Creating customized reports using the CT Analyzer PC software


You will receive a personal email with all course information such as agenda and route directions shortly before the training course.

OMICRON’s CTA training course is designed to provide the essential information needed to “assess” the condition of your current transformer assets. Participants will be introduced to the function and operation of the OMICRON CTA. Participants will learn current transformer theory, test methods, and data analysis strategies, which includes the most up to date techniques and practices that can be applied to current transformers. All subjects presented are adequate for all levels of expertise, and all examples are derived directly from field experiences. This is a comprehensive one-day training course, and will include both classroom and hands on testing components.

 The training will consist of 5 components.

  • Introduction to Current Transformers
  • Performing CTA Measurements
  • Analysis and Interpretation of CTA Results
  • Operation of CTA Instrument
  • Hands on Current Transformer Testing

    Introduction to Current Transformers

    • Basic Current Transformer Theory
    • Protection CTs
    • Metering CTs
    • Accuracy Classes and Ratings
    • IEEE and IEC Standards
    • Ratio (Single and Multi) (Primary Injection/VoltageMethod)
    • Excitation and Saturation (B-H Curves)
    • Burden
    • DC Winding Resistance
    • Effects of Residual Magnetization 
    • Buried CTs
    • CTs in Transformers
    • CTs in Breakers

    Performing CTA Measurements

    • Determining the Test Plan
    • Test Procedures and Safety
    • Test Connections
    • Grounding Requirements and Use of Test Leads
    • Recommendations for Successful CTA Measurements
    • Avoiding Measurement Errors and Recognizing Faulty CTAMeasurements

    Analysis and Interpretation of CTA Results

    • Interpretation Strategies
    • Failure Modes
    • Limits and Parallelograms
    • Knee-Point Excitation (IEEE30/45 : IEC)
    • Assessment to Industry Standards (IEEEC57.13, IEC60044)
    • Residual Magnetization

    Operation of CTA Instrument

    • Software Training - This will include: CTA Start Page, Firmware and Software Upgrades and Management, Creating Test Plan, Configuring Test Parameters and User Preferences, Saving Results, Excel File Loader, Generating Reports
    • Hardware Training - This will include: Operation of the Instrument, Communication Options, Setup and Configuration of SB2, Understanding and Using the Test Leads

    Hands on Transformer Testing

    • Generating Test Plan and Settings from Nameplate
    • Using both Standalone and PC Control
    • Testing Single Ratio CTs
    • Testing Multi-Ratio CTs
    • Testing both Protection and Metering CTs
    • Using the Guesser Function
    • Measure the Residual Magnetism
    • Perform Burden Measurement
    • Save Data and Generate Test Report


    8 am - 5 pm


    1 day

    USD 600
    por persona, impuestos no incluidos

    „Qué bueno es cuando los instructores realmente conocen del tema.“

    Comentario del estudiante

    Se beneficiará de una eficiente mezcla de presentaciones activas, de un arreglo de contenido teórico y mediciones prácticas sobre.

    Métodos de capacitación eficientes

    Recibirá manuales completos para su posterior consulta.

    Material de capacitación profesional

    A través de nuestros cursos, se familiarizará con activos y aplicaciones en sistemas de energía eléctrica.

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