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CT operators make high demands on CT test sys- tems. They should be safe, accurate, mobile, fast, reliable and flexible. The CT Analyzer was designed as a unique, lightweight, multi-functional instrument to meet the highest standards for performing excitation, ratio, polarity, winding resistance and burden impedance measurements on all types of conven- tional current transformers (CTs). With the latest release, the CT Analyzer now has new PC software, improved features, new acces- sories and a rework of the front panel, making the device better than ever for CT testing. Improved functionality CT Analyzer’s sensitivity and its application range have been improved. You can now perform ac- curate excitation characteristics measurements of CTs with a wide knee-point range between 0.1 V and 40 kV. This makes the CT Analyzer an even better tool to test all different types of CTs, from small metering devices to large protection CTs typically installed in power equipment such as power transformers. BETTER THAN EVER CT Analyzer – a well-known system with new functionalities 14