OMICRON Magazine

Magazine | Issue 1 2018 like TenneT has,” Roel van Hees says smiling. “CIBANO 500 really meets all of my expectations for test- ing HV CBs.” “In mid-2017, I read about the new CSM feature for timing measure- ments on GIS circuit breakers in the OMICRON newsletter. I ordered a CSM Upgrade Option, because I really liked the idea of safe timing measurements where both sides of the breaker are grounded through- out the entire measurement,” says Roel van Hees. “Now we have a complete test set for performing all kinds of measurements on a wide variety of CBs,” he concludes. The best support “Another reason for choosing an OMICRON device is the amazing support you receive,“ Roel van Hees is convinced. “If there is any kind of problem with a device or a measurement it will be addressed and solved quickly by OMICRON’s technical support team. In general, it’s really great that OMICRON actively responds to their customer’s wishes. Many of our wishes have already been granted.” «I really appreciate the fact that after testing, CIBANO 500 and PTM supply me with more information than I ever had in the past when using other devices for the same measurements.» Roel van Hees Technical Specialist, TenneT DRM screen with results graph and some typical information you can get from it. 19