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Magazine | Issue 2 2018 are also quickly completed with the COMPAnO 100. Maintenance testing is similar to the commissioning test; here too, the COMPAnO 100 uses primary testing to check that the secondary substations are functioning correctly. This complete sys- tem test covers the entire fault-clearing chain: sensors, secondary wiring, protec- tion relays, and the circuit breaker. summary new technology prepares secondary substations for the challenges of the energy transition. Function tests are useful for ensuring that this technol- ogy is working properly. however, it is important that this expenditure remains moderate, because at the end of the day, a secondary substation is not a transformer station. It is sensible to create a suitable strategy for the factory test, on-site commissioning, and the re-test. Choosing the right test set for a particular application is crucial because you don’t want to end up using a sledgehammer to crack a nut. COMPAnO 100 UPdATE From now on, all COMPAnO 100 devices will be shipped with the additional voltage out- put (v-OUT). This output provides 150 v AC or 220 v dC at up to 30 vA. An optional license key is needed to enable the voltage output. Even older devices can be subsequently upgraded on request or while being calibrated or repaired. The new 2.01 software version that is necessary for the voltage output to work also includes further improvements, such as › voltage output support for QUICK, FLEX, and polarity testing › The “Calculated Measurement” function now supports ratio measurements for any current and voltage ratios (e. g. rogowski current sensors) › Other menu languages: Italian, Polish, russian, Turkish, hungarian, Indonesian › Improved fan control, improved energy efficiency, and optimized performance at cold temperatures › A new Excel file loader (2.00.0340) with v-OUT support «It is sensible to create a suitable strategy for the factory test, on-site commissioning, and the re-test.» Rico Reißmann Grid Protection department, SÜC Energie und h 2 O Gmbh 37