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Magazine | Issue 2 2018 43 We have been involved in developments for testing IEC 61850 communication for more than 15 years and through developing solutions that make protection testing with GOOSE and Sampled Values (SV) pos- sible, we have become the market leader for testing solutions in accordance with this standard. The OMICRON Academy course is designed to give protection engineers a thorough introduction to the IEC 61850 standard with a combination of theoreti- cal and hands-on sessions. You’ll become familiar with IEC 61850 implementation in IEDs from differ- ent manufacturers and you’ll be able to utilise the CMC test system, IEDScout and SVScout for testing IEC 61850 substations efficiently. In order to meet your specific requirements, courses can also be cus- tomized to focus on areas such as rail protection or advanced differential protection testing. Our trainers create professional training materials and use innovative techniques in order to demystify this complicated topic. The resulting feedback from delegates has been very positive and the demand for this course has increased across the region. For more detailed information about OMICRON Academy IEC 61850 courses near you, please visit our website: Tackling digital substation analysis with OMICRON’S IEC 61850 ACADEMY COURSES April 9–11, 2019 | Kerpen (near Cologne), Germany Save the date for the fourth OMICRON Power Utility Communication Tutorial & Workshop. INTERESTED IN EXPLORING IEC 61850?