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SAVE UP TO 66% SAVE UP TO 66% SAVE UP TO 50% Magazine | Issue 1 2019 When it comes to testing assets in substa- tions and performing comprehensive con- dition assessments, efficiency is king. All the relevant test data has to be collected quickly in order to ensure downtimes that are as short as possible and to allow informed conclusions about the correct operation and condition of the tested asset to be made. The safety of the asset, the test engineers and the immediate sur- roundings must be guaranteed at all times. All of these factors need to work together as smoothly as possible in order to achieve maximum efficiency. Our developer teams are passionate about developing solutions that fulfill these demands and make the procedure as efficient as it can be. «With smart testing solutions you can reduce the number of steps in a procedure, resulting in easier, faster and safer testing.» Christian Enk Area Sales Manager & Regional Training Manager, OMICRON 15