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+ The CMC 430 is the ideal three-phase relay test set for currents with 3 × 12.5A in situations where maximum portability (8.7kg |19 lbs) and a robust design are required. The release of Test Universe 4.10 and new accessories represent a significant expansion of the test set’s application area. TWIN TURBO The new Expansion Mode combines the current channels from two CMC 430 test sets The new Expansion Mode enables two CMC 430 sets to be connected via the device-specific expansion ports. One of the test sets can then be configured as an amplifier very easily in Test Universe so that up to 6 × 12.5A can be output via the current channels. The use of two CMC 430 test sets is an attractive new option for anyone needing a flexible testing solution for a very broad range of applications: › Combining two CMC 430 sets provides 6 × 12.5A, e. g., for testing transformer differential protection › The GPS-synchronized operation of two physically separate CMC 430 sets enables both devices to be controlled from a single application using RelaySimTest testing software EXPANSION MODE: MORE CURRENT CHANNELS COMBINED 22