OMICRON Magazine

Magazine | Issue 2 2019 51 Join us for the 4 th Annual Canada Protection Symposium on December 3–5, 2019. John Bettler of ComEd explains how they implemented IEC 61850 at our annual workshop in May. Wayne Hartmann of Beckwith Electric provides a demo during a tech talk co ee break at the Recloser Workshop. Join us for next year’s event on April 1–2, 2020. Frank Lambert, IEEE PES President Elect, was the keynote speaker at the 4 th Annual Recloser and Distribution Automation Workshop. Eugenio Carvalheira leads a hands-on session at the 2 nd Annual IEC 61850 Tutorial and Workshop. Save the date for next year’s event from May 19–21, 2020. Presenters at OMICRON’s Transformer Diagnostic Workshop included: (l to r) David Geibel, ABB; Greg Anderson, GW Anderson & Associates; Tom Prevost, Weidmann; Tom Melle, HIGHVOLT/ Reinhausen; Alan Ross, SD Myers; Charles Sweetser, OMICRON; and Craig Stiegemeier, ABB OMICRON-HOSTED EVENTS IN NORTH AMERICA