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Magazine | Issue 1 2021 OMICRON GOES VIRTUAL WITH EVENTS OMICRON Energizing Women (OEW) OEW is a purpose driven initiative undertaken by OMICRON with the objective of energizing young female electrical engineers and hel- ping them pave the way to success. OEW hosted 4 pioneering female electrical engineers who took part in an inspiring panel discussion attended by 31 fellow female electrical engineers. The panel discussed the challenges of being part of a male-dominated field, perception, and the struggle of balancing personal and work life. The 4 panellists weighed in by sharing their own struggles and journeys to success. At future OEW events, male pro- fessionals from the industry will be invited to share their insights and suggestions for creating a better environment for female engineers. 1 st Power System Protection Summit (PS 2 ) In an effort to stay connected to our customers and share knowledge amid COVID-19, we organized the 1 st Power System Protection Summit (PS 2 ). We want to thank IEEE Africa Council and SEL for their trust and sponsorship. PS 2 took place virtually October 19–21, 2020. It is the first and only event focused on power system protection in MEA. The industry platform was attended by 462 participants from 50 countries. Participants joined an enriching program of 16 technical and keynote sessions discussing the latest MEA power system protection needs and trends. The keynote speakers for the event were Dr. Alex Apostolov from PACWorld and Steffen Kaiser from OMICRON. The event was well-received by customers, with some calling it “a smart initiative.” PS 2 speaker, Eng. Mohammed Rashad from Alfanar shared: “I have 11 years of experience in the field of power system protection, but I gained even more experience at this event.” PS 2 kicked off with OMICRON Energizing Women (OEW); an initia- tive with the objective of energizing young female electrical engineers. More information below. Stay tuned for PS 2 2021! FOR MORE INDUSTRY RELATED EVENTS VISIT: OMICRON ENERGIZING WOMEN (OEW) 43