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OMICRON electronics GmbH, Oberes Ried 1, 6833 Klaus (AT) OMICRON electronics GmbH up! consulting, Ruggell (FL) OMICRON electronics GmbH, (p. 1, 4, 6–12, 15–19, 22–25, 32–33, 39), LEAG (p. 9), Vattenfall (p. 9), Shutterstock (p. 20), ABB AG (p. 25), Christina Häusler (p. 25), Sprecher Automation (p. 26–28), Wenno Siegele (p. 34–37), Unipower Engineering (p. 38) Publisher Responsible for content Editorial team and implementation Picture credits E-mail to the editorial team Dear readers, For over a year and a half, the global pandemic has forced us to find new ways of doing things in many areas of our lives. Working from home and holding meetings online has become part of our daily routine at OMICRON. Thanks to the expansion of our digital infrastructure, we have managed to continue working together productively without losing sight of each other. We have also maintained the same connection with you, our customers and we are looking forward to face-to-face encounters with you in the future. In this issue’s article, “Ready For an Emergency”, you’ll learn how intense the prepa- rations were for a rapid grid restoration pilot test using a ramp-up network. You can also read more about the newly passed IT security law in Germany, which will require energy suppliers to implement attack detection in the future, starting on page 22. The problem of increasing cyber attacks has global relevance, which means that the amendment to the law is certainly a very positive step. Did you know that the CPC 100 can generate up to 800 V? Starting on page 6, our CPC 100 experts provide valuable tips for practical applications. You can also learn more about using PTM DataSync from page 30 onwards. The add-on modules PTM DataSync Web and PTM Data Analytics offer you up-to-date data management and analysis options. If you have any suggestions or feedback about this issue, please let me know – I’m looking forward to hearing from you. I hope you enjoy reading this latest edition of our magazine. Lia Thum OMICRON Magazine Project Lead 2