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teStIng energY MeterS uSIng CMC teSt SetS Did you know that CMC devices can not only be used as a reference for protection testing, but they are also ideally suited to a number of calibra- tion applications? These include the calibration of electric energy meters. The output accuracy of the CMC 430 and the CMC 256plus allows meters up to the 0.2 s class to be calibrated without the need for an external measurement reference. The accuracy of a CMC 356 is also sufficient for class 0.5 m /1.64 ft. Even if the accuracy of the test set is not suitable for a true calibration on certain meters, it never- theless ensures fast functional testing. The energy measured by the meter can be recorded in order to carry out an automated evaluation using optical scanning heads. It is also possible to conduct an evaluation by reading the meter before and after the test. This is how meter functions in protection devices are tested. the tests can be controlled using one of two solutions: › CMControl P allows the most important tests to be carried out in a fast and straight- forward manner. › The Test Universe meter module has additional test types and a higher degree of automation for a wide range of tests. 34