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DEAR READERS, Who would have believed in 1920 that 100 years later our daily lives would be determined by computers, notebooks and smartphones? Who would have thought that we would have self-driving cars and be able to open doors using only our fingerprints? Probably nobody. At best, these ideas would have belonged to the realm of science fiction. Today, digital transformation is taking place in every area of our lives and it’s a challenge for us to keep it all in focus. For this reason, our goal is placing the emphasis on our customers and the users of our testing and diagnostic devices. With this aspiration in mind, we’ve developed a next generation MPD measuring system for partial discharge measurements. The established MPD hardware and software features have been enhanced and new functions have been added to make our rugged MPD 800 the most complete, accurate and flexible solution available for PD testing in various applications. Software-based filter technologies also help to differentiate between harmful PD and external interference signals. Read more about the next generation of measuring systems for partial discharge testing on page 6. On page 10 you can see how digital transformation has affected SP Energy Networks, a customer from Great Britain. They started a pilot project in order to gain more experience in transitioning to a fully digital substation. For the project, they implemented a multi-vendor digital substation protection, control and automation trial. We supported them through each phase of the project along with the Engineering Services team. When you’re dealing with large amounts of data, it’s crucial to be able to main- tain an overview of everything. That’s why the software solutions that we develop are designed to support you when you’re facing these types of measurement challenges. On page 30 we would like to give you some insight into how we make our software solutions as efficient and user-friendly as possible. Enjoy reading! Patricia Marte Editor-in-chief OMICRON Magazine OMICRON electronics GmbH, Oberes Ried 1, 6833 Klaus (AT) OMICRON electronics GmbH up! consulting, Ruggell (FL) OMICRON electronics GmbH, SP Energy Networks (p.4, 10–12), (p.4, 13, 14, 16, 18), Shutterstock (p.20), Cherryland Electric Cooperative (p.26–29), BLICHFELD POWER & MEASUREMENTS A/S (p.36), Ehrhornhummerston/ARC (p.37) Publisher Responsible for content Editorial team and implementation Picture credits E-mail to the editorial team 2