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Magazine | Issue 1 2020 The new IEC 60255-187-1 standard for type testing transformer, motor, and generator differential protec- tion devices defines not only the test shots to deter- mine the accuracy and performance of the protection algorithms but also the preparation and documenta- tion of the test results. Our IEC-60255-187-1 test package is already the op- timal solution: The automated, user-friendly process enables users to meet the complex technical requi- rements of tests according to IEC 60255-187-1 in a practical way. Relay manufacturers can evaluate relay performance with maximum efficiency and benefit from a reporting tool specially designed for stan- dards-compliant and convenient documentation. Although the test solution is available as a complete package, it can also be used with existing OMICRON hardware and software: On the hardware side, a CMC 356 test set and, depending on the power requirements, one or more CMS 356 amplifiers are required. The Test Universe software is used for the static part of the standard test, the dynamic part is ideally covered by the RelaySimTest test software. The test templates belonging to the IEC 60255-187-1 test package contain about 150,000 test shots in total. Reporting on all test shots is prepared and provided in accordance with the standard. We would be pleased to advise and support you with our know-how in the testing process. For direct contact and further information about our services, we are always at your disposal: AHEAD OF ITS TIME Efficient relay performance evaluation according to IEC 60255-187-1 23