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The subject of safety is firmly anchored in the DNA of each of our business areas. Working with currents and voltages is by its very nature hazardous. Protecting cus- tomers and employees and adopt- ing a responsible attitude towards safety is therefore essential. Work- ing in medium- and high-voltage installations has its own particular challenges and is constantly moti- vating us to make testing with our systems as safe as possible. “Safety standards are written in blood”, this somewhat portentous statement nevertheless hits the nail on the head. Operator errors and accidents that happen when working on medium- and high- voltage installations are unforgiving teachers, but analyzing and embed- ding the learning from such events will save lives in the future. We see safety as indispensable, just like any other component in our devices. We learn from experiences through our constant presence in the field, as well as from direct customer feedback and the exchange of ideas in user training sessions. “The safety of our devices has been of fundamental importance since day one. We therefore decided early on to ask independent external institutions to cast a critical eye over our product development activi- ties. This productive collaboration with TÜV Süd expands our horizons and provides us with an additional level of safety”, this is how Wernich de Villiers, responsible for the Primary Testing business unit, describes the benefits. Safety by Design From the outset, we make every effort to provide the highest possible levels of safety in all its devices. Our aim is always to create GOING FLAT-OUT FOR YOUR SAFETY 10