OMICRON Magazine

Magazine | Issue 1 2022 How have these findings been translated into practical testing tools? Even though protection engineers were the first to require support during protection testing, the customers themselves had no experience with the new protocols, so they couldn’t tell us what they needed. We had to anticipate the use cases – we called this approach “walking in our customer’s shoes.” As a result, the CMC test devices and Test Universe were the first products to support Sampled Values. Now, RelaySimTest, our software for system-based testing, also works with Sampled Values. And the measurement system DANEO 400 became the communication and process bus analyzer used in almost every Digital Substation. What are the newest additions to Sampled Values? The bottom line is nothing is entirely new. For the most part, previous options from IEC 61850 that weren’t used are being applied now. The “9-2LE” implementation guideline gave us some solid definitions that benefit ease of use and interoperability. “9-2LE” only decided to use one fixed layout for the dataset and defined optional fields for use. This was very supportive of our implementations in the past, but its value was not apparent to everyone. With the upcoming configurable variants in Test Universe and RelaySimTest, users will have to configure and test what had only been implicit before. What kicked off these new developments? Firstly, there was the potential to streamline things by making configurations specific to particular applications. Secondly, there were some additional details that needed to be covered, e. g. proper time synchronization. IEC 61869-9 suggested that we use configurable datasets. Another change is the definition and practical use of additional optional fields in the 2.0 and 2.1 editions of IEC 61850-9-2. These new options are now supported by RelaySimTest 4.00 and Test Universe 4.30, so users can already work with them. Thank you for the interview. «We had to anticipate the use cases – we called this approach ‹walking in our customer’s shoes.›» Fred Steinhauser, Digital Substation Evangelist, OMICRON 11