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Magazine | Issue 1 2022 now be at risk for electrical fires or a dangerous touch voltage. When it comes to getting an accurate touch voltage calculation when performing the measurement, an important detail is making sure that the 30 Hz and 70 Hz current pulsed by the CPC 100 and CP CU1 is measured in the pylon being tested. This is performed by the HGT1 handheld grounding tester and a Rogowskij coil. Measuring new power lines is one aspect, but it also needs to be tested when an older power line is changed. For example, in one 130 kV power line, we found 40 instances of high touch voltages. The HGT1 also detected 7 kV touch voltages at a kindergarten caused by an earth fault in the grid. Performing these measurements involves many risks, including induction and the influence of parallel lines. Members of the Kraftdiagnos team setting up measurements with the CPC 100 and CP CU1. «Touch voltage measurements must be performed quickly. At the same time, they are highly dangerous.» Gustav Lundqvist, Founder, Kraftdiagnos Performing measurements in the Swedish wilderness. 15