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Magazine | Issue 1 2022 RelaySimTest simplifies crucial protection testing points What really counts on site Adam Wójcik works as an Electrical Engineer for Polskie Sieci Elektroenergetyczne, a transmission system operator in Poland. He started using RelaySimTest two years ago and has shared his experience with us. Adam Wójcik: My daily work consists of testing protection and automation systems. RelaySimTest has improved dramatically over time, and it’s made my work more enjoyable and efficient. The everincreasing development of protection systems makes classically testing them more problematic. This applies specifically to single-phase autoreclose. When tested with steady-state test signals, some protection relay algorithms show operational errors or lack of any operations. Preparation for such a test requires a lot of time. Another problem is the simulation of realistic 2nd and 5th harmonics in transformer protection systems. This is where RelaySimTest comes into play because it dramatically simplifies the problems mentioned above. Since RelaySimTest can realistically simulate short circuits, it eliminates these problems. A fundamental aspect of the software tool is its operation, which is intuitive and straightforward. Setting up a test for a simple circuit takes about 15 minutes. Many automated scenarios can be simulated for one configuration, which is very helpful. If necessary, the scenarios can be reconfigured quickly. To sum it up, RelaySimTest has accelerated my workflow significantly. Adam Wójcik, Electrical Engineer, Polskie Sieci Elektroenergetyczne 17