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OMICRON electronics GmbH, Oberes Ried 1, 6833 Klaus (AT) OMICRON electronics GmbH up! consulting, Ruggell (FL) OMICRON electronics GmbH, PG&E (p. 4, 22–25), Kraftdiagnos (p. 14–16), Polskie Sieci Elektroenergetyczne (p. 17), (p. 30–33), IEEE Smart Village (p. 26), Qirion (p. 27–29), LEAG (p. 30), Vattenfall (p. 30), Siemens Energy (p. 34–35), Tech West Power (p. 36) Publisher Responsible for content Editorial team and implementation Picture credits E-mail to the editorial team Dear readers, At OMICRON, we have dedicated ourselves to raising awareness about gender diversity and inclusiveness for several years now. There are a wide variety of areas that we’d like to cover, and the use of language is one that has had a significant impact on all of us. Therefore, we would like you to take this journey into gender-sensitive language with us. This is the first issue of the OMICRON Magazine that has been written with gender-sensitive inclusive language, and many more will follow. Staying on the topic of diversity, you can read about two women and their careers in electrical engineering in our viewpoints article. On page 26 they talk about what defines their passion for their job and how they became electrical engineers. Another story explains how creating our “playground for energy technicians”: the new OMICRON Customer Care Center (OCC) in Klaus, Austria was a dream come true. Our showroom offers numerous options for physical and virtual product demonstrations, trainings, company tours, and events, making it a unique experience for our customers worldwide. (page 6) Travel with us to California in Justin Henson’s interview on page 22, where he explains how PG&E invests in testing and trains their employees in using and handling testing equipment to avoid wildfires. Additionally, Justin talks about his job and responsibilities as a Distribution Line Technician (DLT) Specialist. We have a new OMICRON family member: The UHF 800 – our latest, portable solution for performing offline and online ultra high frequency – partial discharge measurements from 100 to 2,000MHz on gas-insulated switchgear and lines, oil-filled power transformers, and high-voltage cable connections. (page 12) The wait was worth it. You can find part two of the “Ready for an emergency” article in this issue. Read about test implementation and the results on page 30. If you have any feedback about this issue, please let me know – I’m looking forward to hearing from you. Enjoy reading! Lia Thum OMICRON Magazine Project Lead 2