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Magazine | Issue 1 2022 Furthermore, when performed on a de-energized transformer, the VAM method allows DRM traces to be recorded simultaneously. Combining the VAM and DRM methods gathers additional insights into the switching sequence. The VAM and DRM measurements on an OLTC represent mechanical and electrical time sequences, respectively, and provide an opportunity for a combined evaluation based on complementary data. Using the vibro-acoustic measurement enables all OLTC components that produce sufficient vibrations to be considered for the overall evaluation, from motor start to finish. On the other hand, every operation that causes a change in current is reflected in the DRM. By combining the two approaches, blind spots from the individual methods are compensated, and an in-depth assessment of the overall OLTC switching operation is achieved. LISTEN TO THE PODCAST Interested in this topic? Listen to our podcast with the VAM expert from Maschinenfabrik Reinhausen to learn more about the measurement and it’s benefits. Scan the QR-Code or visit: vibro-acoustic-measurements 21