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At PG&E, our LRs are all multifunctional devices that can be used as reclosers, interrupters, switches, or sectionalizers. Having this kind of versatility gives us the ability to fine-tune, protect and coordinate our system. Since 2018, the PSPS program has contributed roughly 1,000 additional devices to this effort. In conjunction with the 1,300 weather stations PG&E has installed since then, we can now better monitor and forecast severe weather threats that inform our operational decisions like shutting down power before disaster strikes. The more SCADA LRs and other sectionalizing devices we have in the grid, the smaller these impacted shutdown areas become. It sounds like PG&E places a significant emphasis on customer safety and reliability. How do you make sure your equipment is functioning correctly? Not long after the DLT group formed, I worked with our standards team «As technicians, we feel it is essential to test the actual file instead of a generic template that validates just the controller. This way you prove the microprocessor relay and the engineered site-specific settings application.» 24