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“I became interested in engineering after seeing how my favorite film series of all time, Star Wars predicted the future. That imagined future is the present we’re living in today. Afterward, I pursued science courses and excelled at them. I then studied Electrical and Electronics Engineering to realize my dream. Coupled with my passion for community development, I sought to bridge existing inequalities. I am currently working with the IEEE Smart Village organization to empower off-grid communities with clean energy, education, and enterprise development. My passion for my daily work is getting to see livelihoods transformed through innovative power solutions that seek to solve energy poverty. Through productive uses of electricity, local villages can take advantage of enterprise opportunities and create value using abundant existing resources. I advocate for SDG7, which ensures universal access to affordable, reliable, modern energy services and includes women’s voices in energy value chains.” „When I was about 14 or 15 years old, I enjoyed subjects like math and science. I didn’t have any role models that were male or female engineers, but one of my teachers explained to me that engineering was a way of using math and scientific principles to build things like infrastructure or machines. I found it fascinating, and I began studying to become an engineer. I’ve remained curious about learning how devices work and why they fail. This interest has driven me to learn about OMICRON test solutions, and helping our customers handle them is part of my daily work. My main tasks consist of supporting customers who use OMICRON test solutions: training them when they’re using new equipment, answering their questions when they’re performing new tests, and determining whether or not a device needs to be repaired when problems arise. The best part for me, is that after our customers have become familiar with our tests sets, I see that what they’ve learned is allowing the power network to work reliably.“ Ana García, Technical Support, OMICRON Mercy Chelangat K, Business and Fund Development Director, IEEE Smart Village Viewpoints How did you become an engineer and what’s your passion for daily work? Magazine | Issue 1 2022 26