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Safety equipment in high voltage testing is essential to protect people and thus save lives. Our SAA2 safety lamp accessory clearly indicates the testing area by warning you with flashing LEDs and a clear and noticeable tone. We talked with Ash Murphy, Director and Power Systems Specialist at Tech West Power, Australia, about his experience with a small accessory that had a significant impact on him. Thank you for taking the time to be interviewed. Why did you want to deploy another safety tool in your company? Or, more precisely, for high-voltage equipment testing? Ash Murphy: In our industry, we are often tasked with performing complicated and hazardous activities in live substations. Working in this type of environment requires significant attention to detail when it comes to controlling the work boundary or permitted area. The isolation verification, executing comprehensive testing procedures, and most importantly, having a “Safety First”-mentality. The consequences of an incident and injury to personnel, damage to equipment, or an unwanted substation trip can be severe. As a result, we are always searching for innovations or ideas to improve our safety systems. SAA2 – A SMALL ACCESSORY WITH SIGNIFICANT IMPACT The importance of safety products during testing 36