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says Bernhard Engstler, OMICRON Application Engineer. But it did work – and much better than expected. “After numerous demos, training courses, and event sessions, I can safely say that we’re playing a definitive role in the virtual training field.” Bernhard still needed to find the proper camera settings to perfect the startup training course’s broadcast during his first live demonstration. But now it’s ancient history: Friedrich and his IT colleagues put together a sophisticated video system that gives all participants a front-row seat for virtual training courses and demos. Two cameras offer different vantage points and accurate, detailed views – it’s even possible to read the measurements on device displays. “With the ‘side-by-side’ view, we can also show the physical test procedure in one window while adding the relevant software in the other,” explains Bernhard. “It’s much more difficult to get ten people to look at a laptop at the same time in a real-life training session.” Training with real equipment Most virtual training courses, demonstrations, and webinars are recorded, and the footage is made available to participants. They can watch the content at their leisure and go through topics at their own pace – sometimes, questions only come up when customers start using the devices for themselves. Of course, the showroom is also designed for on-site training. Several rooms are available for theoretical training with numerous application islands to familiarize participants with practical issues. “The showroom offers a variety of different training methods in a single room,” says Julia Steinhauser, Event Marketing Specialist at OMICRON, Julia is responsible for arranging the training courses in Klaus. “Our customers don’t work on simulators, but on real equipment. This adds a lot more quality to the course. Our customers also benefit from the synergy between the wide product range and all the assets they find here,” says Julia. Real-time customer support “Our technical support teams will all work in the OCC in the future,” says Verena Rein, Regional Marketing Communications Manager at OMICRON. “Our application engineers and our technical support teams can now connect directly to assets in minutes.” Not only is this a real benefit for our customers during support inquiries, but it’s also a significant advantage for product demonstrations. “Our sales team can visit customers on-site and connect them directly to equipment and experts in the showroom. The advantage for our customers is that they don’t have to switch off their installations for demonstrations; they can watch everything from the showroom live on-screen,” explains Verena. Verena is, among other things, responsible for product marketing in the CEU region, and she and her team also organize numerous events, such as the OMICRON Diagnostic Forum. “Some of our customers have already been able to experience the showroom virtually. Around 400 German-speaking and 300 English-speaking participants worldwide have connected to this year’s sessions. The sessions covered trends and challenges in the diagnostic world, and the response has been tremendous. We broadcast some of these sessions from the showroom. Our goal is to be able to use it for major physical events in the future as well.” Having time and opportunities to experiment “Here in the showroom, we’re able to experiment and try out numerous things. We have the opportunity to gain experience, which is not so easy for our customers to do because they are working under constant time pressure. These are huge advantages,” says Bernhard. “But of course, it’s also important to get out there and see customers in person,” he adds. “This is the only way to bring our on-site experience to the OCC showroom.” We hope to see you at our showroom soon, either virtually or in person. 8