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Lukas Klingenschmid discusses the challenges of implementing digital transformation and data validation. A summary of his main points is as follows (you can hear more detailed information in episodes 2 and 4 with Juan Carlos Sánchez-Calle and David Gopp): 1. Digitalization adapts offline tasks to the online world with a harmonized and standardized ruleset. 2. Automating (repetitive) tasks is crucial for relieving the workforce, leaving more time to focus on the core tasks. 3. Data quality is essential for building up meaningful digitalized systems from the start. Automating the validity of test results helps ensure that the correct information is processed. 4. Incorrect test results can have severe (monetary) consequences for the operator. Lukas Klingenschmid, Product Manager, OMICRON In the first episode Martin Pfanner and Juan-Carlos SánchezCalle give us a general overview and their insights about digital transformation in the power industry. Below is a summary of their statements from the first episode. Digital transformation should begin with a clear goal. The goal is usually a process that needs to be improved or a new business opportunity that should be realized. Data and digital transformation create a virtuous cycle that pushes innovation. More data creates the need for new digital solutions, and the latest digital solutions generate more data. 3. Digital transformation changes how value is created and delivered to customers. 4. Digital transformation is a cultural change that requires companies to change how their tasks are completed. 5. To be successful in the age of digital transformation, creating a culture of teamwork and breaking down functional, geographic, or departmental silos is essential. „The digital transformation opens the door to an exciting evolutionary phase in our industry that creates opportunities for new solutions that result in improved power systems, satisfied customers, and better business results. A sound data management strategy must be implemented for the transformation to succeed. We’re here to support you in this process and provide all the tools necessary for digitally transforming the testing process in electrical power systems.” Juan Carlos Sánchez-Calle and Martin Pfanner, Product Managers, OMICRON 1. 2. 10