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PRICK UP YOUR EARS! Energy Talks celebrates one year on the air DOWNLOADS & STREAMS >33,247 (Including numbers from all podcast platforms & YouTube) 20 DISCUSSED TOPICS Top topics: 1. Digital Transformation in the Power Industry 2. Partial Discharge Testing and Monitoring 3. Cybersecurity TOP COUNTRIES 1. United States 2. India 3. Germany 4. Australia 5. Austria EPISODES >38 SUBSCRIBERS 3,438 EXPERT GUESTS 51 Although our podcast is only available in English, we are proud to have listeners from 160 COUNTRIES This year we are celebrating one year of Energy Talks, our regular podcast series that features discussions with experts and peers about power system testing topics. We started Energy Talks in January 2021 with the goal of sharing knowledge, which is a very important value for us. We want to share with you some interesting statistics about our podcast series over the past months. Energy Talks is available on our podcast page, on YouTube and all popular podcast platforms. If you are not already listening, we invite you to tune in and subscribe to Energy Talks as not to miss an episode. 12