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Magazine | Issue 2 2022 This is just a short note to say that I’m regularly listening to the OMICRON Energy Talks podcast series, and I highly appreciate the topics and speakers. At Maschinenfabrik Reinhausen, I’m responsible for the digital twin representation of a transformer from engineering to documentation and performance monitoring, along with integrating it into our customers’ ISO 55000 process. So, I was very curious listening to your Digitalization podcasts series. In addition, I found the novel approaches that Dr. Karsten Viereck and Christoph Engelen discussed about diagnosing and monitoring transformers and OLTC with vibracoustic sensors extremely valuable. It’s always great to hear the story behind the stories. Since I’m an active and regular listener to your series – time has always been well spent and insightful with new perspectives. Bastian Fischer, Head of Portfolio- and Business Development, BU AUTOMATION “ “ As a switchgear technician, it is nice to hear about this topic on YouTube in podcast format, just like some of my other favorite shows! Feedback from a podcast listener “ PRODUCTION TIME ~10 hours per episode INVOLVED EMPLOYEES ~6 per episode – like the fixed ensemble cast of “Friends” MATERIAL AVAILABLE FOR LISTENING >14.5 hours – corresponding to two complete days of work, free of charge EPISODE LENGTH ~26 minutes – like watching one episode of “Big Bang Theory” LISTEN TO ALL PODCAST EPISODES Be sure to listen to our Energy Talks Podcast Series and benefit from our expert’s knowledge and experiences. Scan the QR-Code or visit: Subscribe to Energy Talks on your favourite podcast platform and give it a star-rating on Spotify or Apple Podcast Star. We welcome your questions and feedback simply send us an email to I just emailed to say that I’ve been listening to the podcast series, and so far, I’ve found it extremely interesting. I’m an Electrician based in Glasgow, Scotland, and my current job involves carrying out controls upgrades on diesel generators and switchgear throughout the UK; I have been listening to podcasts while driving long distances. I found episode 3 with Gustav Lundqvist of Kraftdiagnos particularly interesting. It was great to hear the story of someone using the OMICRON test kit in the field and get an insight into the type of work out there. Feedback from a podcast listener 13