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Mohamed Al Saleh: “I’m impressed by COMPANO 100’s battery performance: despite having to cope with very high temperatures at testing sites in Kuwait, there haven’t been any complaints regarding the battery so far. Our customers value the test set because it’s diverse, lightweight, and mobile. This makes it easy to carry from one site to another within a short period of time. There is no other product that combines protection relay testing, micro-ohm measurement, polarity checks, and grounding resistance in one device. This is why we consistently receive positive feedback whenever we present the COMPANO 100 to local authorities or distribution and transmission utilities. Thanks to our close collaboration with the OMICRON team, our customers also appreciate the fast responses they receive to troubleshooting issues. Due to these factors, the market is being boosted in the right direction for COMPANO 100, and we expect to see significant orders in the coming months.” «I’m impressed by the battery performance. There haven’t been any complaints so far – despite the very high temperatures in Kuwait.» Mohamed Al Saleh, Energy Solutions, Kuwait Nitin Mahajan: “Nigeria is a very large country with a lot of transmission stations. The primary energy transmission utility in Nigeria, TCN, ordered 40 COMPANO 100 units for daily tests throughout the country. Its user-friendly software is beneficial for the single-phase test set. It’s effortless to handle, even for testers without much technical competence. After defining a few test settings, you can already start testing with the device. What I also like about COMPANO 100 is that it can maintain a high level of accuracy for an extended period of time. This is a significant benefit since calibration can be quite challenging on the African continent. This is especially true in the northern part of our country, where there are a lot of soil and grounding problems. With COMPANO 100, our customers no longer require different testing equipment. With a single handy device, they can test the grounding impedance, step and touch voltages in addition to various other tests for their assets. With auxiliary power unavailable in many areas of Nigeria, battery operation is also a significant advantage. COMPANO 100’s extensive application package is fantastic. It also makes the device very interesting for privately-held distribution companies in Nigeria. I see a bright future for this test set in our country.” «In Africa, calibration is a challenge. COMPANO 100 can maintain a high level of accuracy over a long period of time. That’s a major benefit.» Nitin Mahajan, T&D Technologies, Nigeria With COMPANO 100, the Ministry of Electricity and Water in Kuwait conveniently tests various protection functions with pre-defined test sequences and output parameters. 16