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VISIT THE OMICRON ACADEMY: All these tests are included in the medium-voltage package, along with motion measurements using the CB TN3 module (via digital and analog sensors). The following video illustrates how medium-voltage circuit breakers are measured: What’s unique about the way CIBANO 500 operates? Smooth operation is always a key factor for users. The Primary Test Manager™ (PTM) software provides guided test sequences and automatically stores all the results in the integrated database. As the PTM software is continuously being developed and refined, the CIBANO 500 system remains state-of-the-art. In addition to controlling the device, this modern interface does much more. For example, it also attaches photos using the PTMate app to user-defined test documents in Excel format and a common database for the entire team. What other trends can we expect to see in the future? As a result of these volatile times, we’re seeing more and more customers returning to perform previously outsourced measurement activities themselves to remain independent. The modular nature of the CIBANO 500 hardware allows it to be upgraded easily to meet future testing requirements. In light of the digitalization of many processes, having a modern database application with cloud functionality will better equip customers to meet future challenges. If you’re interested in expanding your expertise, check out the OMICRON Academy, which offers a wide range of relevant training courses. Thank you for speaking with us. 20