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Magazine | Issue 2 2022 go through before the video starts, and then you can then dive right into the subject area of your choice. “Naturally, we were a little worried that the free webinar offer would have an adverse effect on the interest level of our instructor-led and online courses. However, that’s not been the case”, summarizes Claudia. “It’s had quite the opposite effect. The webinars offer a quick sample of various technical subjects. Course participants can then ask questions in a more targeted manner and use the expertise of the instructors and the time spent with them to optimum effect. We see this as a real benefit.” The flexibility of the package has been particularly well-received. More than 3,700 visitors have already viewed the English-language recordings alone. The webinars provide access to knowledge whenever and wherever it’s needed. Want to take a closer look at our webinar recordings? You’ll find an overview at Everyone involved in creating the webinars received a booklet as a small token of thanks. Among other things, the booklet includes positive comments from webinar viewers. Participants get a free first impression of our products and the wide-­ ranging Academy offer. Powerful Teamwork “We’re delighted with the success of the program we’ve created together. It’s only been possible thanks to outstanding global teamwork. We wanted to acknowledge the efforts of our teammates appropriately, so we’ve created a booklet containing images, observations, quotes from chats, and some of the positive feedback we’ve received. The teams have all been pleasantly surprised by this material. So we want to extend an enormous and heartfelt thank you to everyone who helped get this project up and running”, concludes Claudia. 23