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is sufficient. This reduces the load on the network by about 40%. Power transformers result in even more significant savings in network load. For example, when using a three-winding transformer, the data rate can be reduced by 60% at 50 Hz or 67% at 60 Hz (Table 1). In addition, only one merging unit (MU), as opposed to three, is required. The more windings a power transformer has, the more the flexible datasets help reduce the network load. With a five-winding transformer, a 67% reduction in data rate can be achieved at 50 Hz or a 72% reduction at 60 Hz. SIEMENS SIPROTEC 6MU85 are the first MUs to offer configurable datasets according to IEC 61869-9. This new generation of MUs loads the process bus network more intelligently, reducing the load in the network. It’s compatible with all the standards referred to above. Depending on their application, network operators will decide whether they should use datasets subject to 9-2-LE or configurable with IEC 61869-9. OMICRON offers the relevant testing solutions that support publishing and subscribing to SV streams of this type. CMC test sets using RelaySimTest or Test Universe allow MUs to be simulated and protection testing to be carried out. DANEO 400 now allows these new SV variants to be analyzed. It can also visualize and record the signals along with all protocol details. DANEO 400 dataset with three voltages 31