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OBSERVING PARTIAL DISCHARGE OVER TIME MONTESTO 200 is our portable system for temporary online PD monitoring and trending insulation status between diagnostic checks. In this article, we interviewed our MONTESTO 200 Product Manager Bogdan Gorgan about how our temporary online partial discharge (PD) monitoring system helps you oversee PD activity in a wide variety of high-voltage (HV) equipment. He also presents a case study about how MONTESTO 200 was used for a two-week in-service assessment of an older rotating electrical machine’s insulation condition. Can you explain the importance of PD measurements and when they’re usually performed? Bogdan Gorgan: PD measurements are recognized worldwide for insulation diagnosis and are usually required for most high-voltage equipment acceptance testing procedures. Detected PD activity is often a sign of developing insulation defects. Based on the absence or presence of PD activity during routine tests, onsite tests, or periodic in-service inspections throughout the service lifetime, conclusions can be drawn about the actual condition of the dielectric insulation system. Due to the ongoing aging of insulation systems in high-voltage components in service, PD testing and diagnostic methods are being used increasingly in condition monitoring on a temporary short-term or permanent long-term basis. We offer solutions for each of these PD testing and monitoring applications. Trend visualization with time stamps generated by MONTESTO 200 temporary online PD monitoring system. 32