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initiated based on what the user specifies in the monitoring session setup, for example, every hour. In continuous mode, the data is acquired every second and compared with defined user threshold values and shown in the web-based software user interface in real-time. If needed, automatic alarms can be configured, and the user is notified when measurement values exceed defined threshold values. For automatic alarming by email, the MONTESTO 200 must be connected to the Internet via a router and an SMTP server must be configured by the user. The results from monitoring sessions on different assets are stored in a single database, and specific data can be selected for visualization and a more detailed comparison and evaluation. Bogdan, a major challenge when performing online PD measurements is dealing with external noise. How does MONTESTO 200 handle this during temporary PD monitoring? Measurement sensitivity is always a challenge when performing online PD measurements due to the high external noise levels on site. Like our diagnostic MPD 800 PD measurement and analysis system, MONTESTO 200 can be tuned to the frequency that gives the best signal-to-noise ratio. Tuning the filter settings is the first step to systematically avoiding noise. In addition, our 3-Phase Amplitude Relation Diagram method, also known as 3PARD, is applied in the monitoring software for removing disturbances and clearly distinguishing between multiple PD sources. Our unique cluster separation technique is applied when using the 3PARD method — this enables the precise separation of PD activity from other PD-like signals so that the most likely phase can be located. MONTESTO 200 can be easily mounted on the asset for continuous online PD monitoring for longer periods of time. trend its rate of development and determine when a future repair or replacement is needed. It is also performed on repaired assets to check the quality and effectiveness of the repair and to oversee its condition for longer periods of time. The trend evaluation is therefore an addition to the classic offline diagnosis using an external voltage source. Could you describe how our MONTESTO 200 system is used for short-term and long-term continuous PD monitoring. MONTESTO 200 is a portable device that allows the user to perform temporary PD monitoring when and where it’s needed on different assets, like power transformers, motors and generators as well as power cables. Pre-installed PD sensors are connected to a terminal box, which enables plugand-play PD measurements and temporary PD monitoring at any moment during operation. The MONTESTO 200 acquisition unit is easy to transport to various locations and is compact enough for use in limited spaces. It can be used onsite with a laptop or mounted on the asset and operated remotely via the web-based user interface. Users can set up the system in six easy steps with the accompanying Monitoring Software to perform temporary PD monitoring sessions. The MONTESTO 200 acquisition unit measures and stores the PD sensors’ data in periodic or continuous mode. The periodic measurements are 34