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Officially, our Protection Testing Library (PTL) saw the light of day in 2007 for the first time. However, the foundations of modern testing had already been established two years earlier, when XRIO technology was introduced with the publication of Test Universe (TU) 2.0. Since then, the XRIO test object has made it easy to automate tests, including calculating test values and characteristics using links and formulas. The effectiveness and efficiency of protection tests have increased significantly in conjunction with tools like the OMICRON Control Center (OCC) and test modules such as the Advanced Distance module. We put together the PTL to make the extensive features of TU easier to handle for all users. Ongoing development means the number of protection devices it contains is constantly growing. More than 435 test templates for protection devices from all the leading manufacturers are now managed and maintained in the PTL. Continuity and reliability The XRIO converter continues to be the backbone of a test template. It reproduces the protection device settings as accurately as possible in accordance with the specifications from the associated relay software. While the converter calculates the test values for the most significant … IT JUST KEEPS ON GROWING 15 Years of our Protection Testing Library PROTECTION TESTING LIBRARY PTL 36