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DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION Ongoing changes caused by digital technology Digital transformation is on the tip of everyone’s tongue. Are you already in the middle of restructuring your company? Or are you just planning the first steps to start the digital transformation? That’s great! – Listen to our latest podcast series about “digital transformation in the power industry”. The term digitalization is often used to describe the digital transformation. However, it’s misleading because digitalization refers to transforming existing analog content and processes into digital data and procedures. You could say it’s one of the first steps in follow-up automation processes. Digital transformation, by comparison, is a much broader concept: it’s a process of ongoing change caused by digital technologies. We in the power industry and other industry sectors have to cope with these fundamental changes and the restructuring of entire areas. In our latest podcast series, our experts share some ideas and knowledge about how the digital transformation affects our profession. DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION SERIES PART 1 9