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In total, 360 people attended the sales meetings, including 140 representatives from our sales partners. It became apparent how much all participants missed this long overdue faceto-face interaction, and many were touched by the incredible energy and team spirit that was felt throughout the week. Welcome to our “playground” Our sales partners value our commitment to innovation and our growing international support network. This also includes our training centers and online studios worldwide, which allow us to connect virtually with our sales partners and customers, to conduct training courses, webinars, and product presentations, and to offer support. As shared in an earlier OMICRON Magazine (Issue 1/2022), we recently opened the OMICRON Customer Care Center in Klaus, Austria. As part of the meeting, our sales partners could experience this “playground for electrical power industry engineers” first-hand, and they also learned about the latest product innovations in a “house fair” at all main OMICRON premises in Klaus. 10