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Landsnet operates the approximately 3,200 km /1,980 mi transmission network in Iceland with a total of 83 substations. In 2019, the decision was made to fully digitize all substations according to IEC 61850 over the next few years. Landsnet and OMICRON have been working together on this ambitious project since 2021. So far, the transition has been a great success, and several digital substations are already in operation. Read on to learn more about the transition to digital substations and the ambitious project in Iceland. Pioneering drives innovation This is not the first project to introduce digital substations, but Landsnet is taking it to another level in terms of scope and its pioneering nature. New technologies have often only been used in pilot substations, but here, they are being implemented directly in the transmission network. We are supporting Landsnet to carry out the complete conversion of the nationwide transmission network to digital substations systematically and efficiently. Overcoming new challenges In addition to the many benefits digital substations bring, they present many new challenges. Overcoming these challenges requires a step-bystep, systematic approach from the very start. Our OMICRON Consulting Service has many years of project experience with digital substations. Therefore, we could provide Landsnet with a suitable strategy and excellent planning advice. We also provided the appropriate tools for new technologies in the form of products and customized solutions, and sharing our knowledge HOW ICELAND IS BREAKING NEW GROUND Landsnet and OMICRON pave the way for the future of digital substations through cooperation 14