OMICRON Magazine

Magazine | Issue 2 2023 «The project was a jump in at the deep end in many aspects. Especially in the design and specification phase, there were many obstacles to overcome. But with OMICRON we had an experienced partner who supported us significantly.» has also enabled Landsnet to use these tools efficiently. Sharing knowledge and empowering people When our partnership began, extensive specification and design work was required for the basis of a widespread rollout. The proper protocols had to be selected, and comprehensive specifications and implementation instructions had to be created. These were then used to derive templates for Landsnet’s standard topologies. With the help of these templates, subsequent substations can be planned and implemented much more efficiently. Careful selection and pre-testing of Intelligent Electronic Devices (IEDs) and network components also contributed significantly to their success. By providing automated test plans for functional and compatibility testing, Landsnet could perform an efficient Factory Acceptance Test (FAT). Despite the travel restrictions, we did everything possible to provide the best possible remote support for the FAT. Capital: Reykjavík Population: approx. 380,000 Area: 103,125 km² / 39,817 mi² 100% renewable energy: 70% hydro, 30% geothermal National dish: Hákarl (fermented shark) ICELAND Birkir Heimisson, Specialist in Digital & Smart-Grid Development, Landsnet A truly exceptional experience In February 2023, we were able to perform the Site Acceptance Test (SAT) at the digital substation in Hrútatunga. The gasinsulated 132 kV substation with six switch bays is located about 160 km / 100 mi from Reykjavik in an icy landscape of breathtaking beauty. The SAT was also a highlight from a technical point of view. The system architecture, consisting of IEDs from different manufacturers with network redundancy mechanisms, was demanding and complex. Many of our solutions for testing and commissioning digital substations were used in 15