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«The cooperation with Landsnet is a great journey together to fully digital substations. By sharing knowledge and experience and finding new solutions to challenges, we ensure that the success story continues.» Matthias Wehinger, Digital Substation Expert, OMICRON the SAT. The substation communication network, protection and control equipment, and instrument transformers with their merging units were tested thoroughly. Reusing the predefined FAT test plans with some minor adaptations for SAT saved a lot of effort. The SAT was completed successfully and efficiently to the satisfaction of all participants. There was a lively and constructive exchange with the operating personnel from Landsnet. Suitable solutions for digital substations We at OMICRON have several products and solutions for testing and commissioning different aspects of digital substations. In this project, we were able to use many of them in parallel. These are some of them: › DANEO 400: Used as a network analyzer for system communication verification, Precision Time Protocol (PTP) time synchronization testing, network redundancy and performance checks. › Test Universe: Automated protection testing for individual IED protection functions. › RelaySimTest: System based protection testing of busbar protection and line differential with power system simulation. › StationScout: Automation system testing such as interlocking logic testing and SCADA signal testing. › IEDScout: Used as a tool for visualizing and troubleshooting IEC 61850 devices. CMC 850, MBX1 and DANEO 400 16