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Magazine | Issue 2 2023 Meeting the demands of the future Landsnet is convinced that digital substations can make better use of existing transmission networks and open up many new possibilities. Load fluctuations and dynamic changes in the network can be compensated efficiently with digital technology. The extensive digital data from operations makes it possible to detect events immediately, and this data can be used to react quickly and remotely during normal operations or unexpected events. Digital substations are also more environmentally friendly than conventional substations. Thanks to the more compact design, the smaller number of components required, and the drastically reduced wiring effort, valuable resources can be saved. A role model for transformation Landsnet’s nationwide power grid transformation will support the further deployment of digital substations in other regions. The project can serve as a model for driving technological change. Utilities worldwide can benefit from Iceland’s experience as they implement digital substations. And with a growing number of digital substations, grids will be prepared for further expanding renewable energy. The ongoing cooperation between OMICRON and Landsnet has been a great success for both of them. We are already planning future steps because challenges still lie ahead, and we look forward to tackling them together. Digital substation in Hrútatunga › Operator of the Icelandic Transmission System › Established in 2004 › Over 93% owned by the Icelandic State › 148 employees › Transmission System: ­ › ≈ 3,200 km / 1,980 mi overhead lines › ≈ 330 km / 205 mi underground cables › 83 substations LANDSNET 17