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CMC Swift allows you to control your CMC test sets easily and wirelessly. With CMC Swift, you can enjoy complete freedom of movement without a laptop by performing a whole series of checks directly from your smartphone. The features from the latest update give you even more options, such as performing wiring checks in combination with the CPOL2 polarity checker. Perform wiring checks easily When commissioning substations and secondary technology, hundreds of connections and functions have to be checked. Besides the correct wiring of instrument transformers, logic signals, trip and control signals for circuit breakers, and various auxiliary signals must be wired carefully. Something can go wrong in an instant or be overlooked in the process. In fact, wiring problems, such as the incorrect polarity of a voltage or current transformer path, are among the most common errors in electrical systems. Therefore, wiring and polarity checks are among the first critical steps during commissioning. CMC Swift allows you to control the output of a DC-free test signal via the voltage or current outputs of your test set. Using this sawtooth signal, you can easily perform polarity and NEW FEATURES: CMC SWIFT MEETS CPOL2 Perform polarity checks and quick checks with more mobility than ever before 24